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By Galina H., Ikada Y., Kato K.

Offers four articles discussing themes, so as of visual appeal; floor amendment of Polymers via Grafting, part constitution of Polyethylene & different crystalline polymers by way of solid-state 13C NMR, Laser mild scattering characterization of distinct intractable macromolecules in answer, & meanfield kinetic modeling of polymerization.

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Interaction of the PU surface with platelets was greatly reduced by this modification, when assessed by an ex vivo arterio-venous (A-V) shunt experiment in rabbits [146, 147]. Ruckert and Geuskens [148] reported that surface graft polymerization of PVP effectively reduced adsorption of fibronectin onto a styrene-(ethylene-co-butene)-styrene triblock copolymer film. It was further reported that the surface of PU catheters with tethered PDMAA chains remained unfouled even after 3 weeks of implan­ tation in the rabbit vena cava inferior [149].

18. Bacterial infection observed during percutaneous implantation of silicone devices into rabbits: (O) non-treated and (•) collagen-immobilized 34 Yoshikimi Uyama, Koichi Kato, Yoshito Ikada Collagen immobilization onto a silicone rubber surface which underwent plasma-induced graft polymerization of PHEMA was also reported to have improved attachment and growth of corneal epithelial cells onto the rubber sur­ face [48,50,182]. 2 Hard Tissues A flexible polymeric material having an ability to bond to hard tissues was syn­ thesized through plasma-induced graft polymerization of a phosphate-contain­ ing monomer, methacryloyloxyethylene phosphate [183].

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