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1) 5 Balance the following equations: (a) Ca + O2 Æ CaO (1) (b) N2 + H2 Æ NH3 (1) 6 Write balanced symbol equations from the following word equations: (a) magnesium + hydrogen chloride Æ magnesium chloride + hydrogen (1) (b) methane (CH4) + oxygen Æ carbon dioxide + water (1) 7 Write an ionic equation to show the formation of lead(II) hydroxide from lead(II) ions and hydroxide ions. (2) 8 Write half equations for the following reactions: (a) The discharge of aluminium ions at the cathode. (2) (b) The discharge of chloride ions at the anode.

These strong forces are the reason for the high melting and boiling points of ionic structures. Covalent compounds also contain very strong forces due to the covalent bonds. The forces within the molecules (intramolecular forces) are strong. The forces between the molecules (intermolecular forces) are often less strong. In graphite, for example, the forces between carbon atoms in the layers are strong, whereas the forces between the layers are much weaker. This explains why graphite is flaky and yet has a very high melting point.

1) 6 How many protons, neutrons and electrons are there in the phosphorus atom shown. (1) 31 7 What is the arrangement of the electrons in the phosphorus atom? (1) 15 P 8 Draw an atom diagram for this phosphorus atom. (1) 9 What name is given to the forces that exist between molecules? (1) 10 What type of chemical bonding occurs when calcium reacts with oxygen? Explain your answer. (1) 11 Draw a ‘dot and cross’ diagram to show the bonding when sodium combines with oxygen. (3) ( atomic numbers: O = 8; Na = 11) 12 Draw a ‘dot and cross’ diagram to show the bonding in hydrogen chloride.

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