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By Rodger E. Ziemer

This lecture covers the basics of unfold spectrum modulation, that are outlined as any modulation approach that calls for a transmission bandwidth a lot more than the modulating sign bandwidth, independently of the bandwidth of the modulating sign. After reviewing easy electronic modulation suggestions, the imperative types of unfold spectrum modulation are defined. some of the most very important parts of a range spectrum process is the spreading code, and several other varieties and their features are defined. the main crucial operation required on the receiver in a range spectrum method is the code synchronization, that's frequently damaged down into the operations of acquisition and monitoring. ability for acting those operations are mentioned subsequent. eventually, the functionality of unfold spectrum platforms is of primary curiosity and the impact of jamming is taken into account, either with no and with using ahead errors correction coding. The presentation ends with attention of unfold spectrum structures within the presence of different clients.

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Typical performance results are plotted in Fig. 26. Instead of the exponential decrease of bit error probability with Eb /NJ as in the case for Gaussian noise backgrounds, the optimum jammer imposes a decrease as the inverse of Eb /NJ . Note that the jammer must have knowledge of the communicator’s signal-to-jamming energy ratio in order to impose this severe penalty. 2 DPSK Data Modulation We again assume that the jammer concentrates its power in a fraction ρ of the FH/DPSK bandwidth. When not jammed, the noise power spectral density is NT = N0 .

Thus, if L represents the set of all paths beginning at state 1 and ending either in state 0 or state 6 of Fig. 14, we have all paths beginning at the trail of a new code phase to the rejection of that book Mobk087 August 3, 2007 13:15 FUNDAMENTALS OF SPREAD SPECTRUM MODULATION p00 z 0 p34 z T3 p23 z T2 p12 z T1 p45 z T4 33 p56 z T5 p10 z T1 p20 z T2 p30 z T3 p44 z p54 z T5 T4 p66 z T0 FIGURE 14: State transition diagram of the code acquisition strategy represented by the flow diagram of Figure 13 [1].

IF = book Mobk087 August 3, 2007 13:15 FUNDAMENTALS OF SPREAD SPECTRUM MODULATION z (t ) × r (t ) IF bandpass filter, BN () 2 Lowpass filter × 49 Loop filter ε (t, δ ) d$( t ) −q ( t ) × b (t ) Local oscillator v (t ) −1 q ( t ) +1 ∆   c  t − T d + Tc  2   ∆   c  t − T d − Tc  2   Spreading waveform generator Spreading waveform clock Voltage controlled oscillator FIGURE 22: Block diagram of a tau-dither code tracking loop [1]. 261 ρIF = = P N0 BL = BI F P N0 B I F BL = 10 (50) = 500.

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