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By Rosa Córdoba Castillo

This thesis constitutes an in depth examine of practical nanostructures (ferromagnetic, superconducting, steel and semiconducting) fabricated through targeted electron/ion beam caused deposition suggestions. The nanostructures have been grown utilizing various precursor fabrics resembling Co2(CO)8, Fe2(CO)9, W(CO)6, (CH3)3Pt(CpCH3) and have been characterised via a variety of suggestions. This paintings reviews effects received for the morphology, the microstructure, the composition, delivery mechanism, magnetic and superconducting homes of nanostructures. the consequences bargains interesting customers in a variety of functions in nanotechnology and condensed topic physics.

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6), we obtain JU0 ¼ gt/ E U0 ¼B 2 J gc ð1:11Þ U20 U0 Hc2 % 2pw2 c2 qn qn c2 ð1:12Þ qf ¼ g¼ ð1:10Þ Substituting Eq. , which can generate pinning centers, since the vortices tend to occupy more energetically stable positions. This effect may be an advantage because it is a way to reduce energy dissipation by immobilizing flow lines, useful in high magnetic field solenoids. In the flux creep phenomenon, thermal energy can allow flow lines to jump from one pinning center to another as a unit, in bundles, in response to the moving force generated by the current density.

104(8), 081301 (2008) 40. : Gas-assisted focused electron beam and ion beam processing and fabrication. J. Vac. Sci. , B 26(4), 1197–1276 (2008) 41. : Electron induced surface reactions of the organometallic precursor trimethyl(methylcyclopentadienyl)platinum(IV). J. Phys. , C 113(6), 2487–2496 (2009) 42. : Fundamental electron-precursor-solid interactions derived from time-dependent electron-beam-induced deposition simulations and experiments. ACS Nano 4(3), 1619–1629 (2010) 43. : Spatial resolution limits in electron-beaminduced deposition.

Thus, the LaBaCuO4 compound underwent a transition to the superconducting state at 30 K [80], and quickly the critical temperature (Tc) of this superconductor family reached 130 K. More recently, in 2008 Fe-based superconductors with Tc * 50 K were discovered [81]. These new findings lead us to new routes in the preparation and characterization of superconducting materials in order to implement them in the area of nanotechnology associated with condensed matter physics. Going back to the beginnings of this new state, besides the lack of resistance below a critical temperature Tc, which is characteristic of each material, in 1933 Meissner and Ochsenfeld [82] discovered perfect diamagnetism.

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