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By Katerina Somers Wicka

This monograph is an research of cliticization techniques attested all through Otfrid von Weissenburg's outdated excessive German Evangelienbuch. Its valuable argument should be easily acknowledged: attestations akin to meg ih (< magazine ih)'I am capable to,' theiz (< thaz iz) 'that it,' and wolt er (< wolta er) 'he sought after' contain a number and clitic and are all manifestations of 1 unified means of cliticization. developing the an important parts of the argument, besides the fact that, calls for that we succeed in past a phonological and prosodic account of the cliticization technique. so one can convey that attested clitic teams are actively produced, rather than lexically indexed or grammaticalized, this paintings examines Otfridian clause constitution, an research that gives an alternative choice to the extra conventional therapy of clitics in the framework of grammaticalization idea. ultimately, because the Evangelienbuch is a piece of poetry, the impression of the meter on cliticization styles can be addressed.

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Upon development of a CP, the original TP structure was not simply abandoned. In fact, free-standing, verb-final TPs are attested in Otfrid, as well as in other forms of Germanic (Hêliand attestations are drawn from Dubenion-Smith & Somers Wicka figure (2)). (6) Otfrid: Ir zéichan ni giscówot thanne iu wírdit so nót you-PL the signs NEG look when you-DAT became so necessary You did not look at the signs, when it became unto you necessary III 2, 11 Uns állen thaz giwís ist tház thu selbo Kríst bist us-DAT all that certain is that you yourself Chist are That is unto us all certain, that you yourself are Christ III 12, 25 So ther ántdag sih tho óugta thaz siu thaz kind so the day of remembrance REFL then came that she the child sougta nursed And so the day of remembrance came, that she nursed the child I 14, 1 Old Saxon: nu uuit sus gifrôdod sint now we-DU very aged are Now we two are very aged Ik is engil bium I his angel am I am his angel Hêliand 1505 Hêliand 119 Constituents residing within this basic framework could then be fronted or extraposed for pragmatic purposes.

Ther thiz lánt so tharta who made this land so wither (CP) b.

Given the prominent role played by clitics in Zwicky’s cline as well as in grammaticalization theory in general, we may consider analyzing the Otfrid data according to the simple clitic-special clitic distinction, the latter of which is more “grammaticalized” than the former. However, any focus on the question of grammaticalization at this stage would be premature, as we must first establish if the theih structures are fossilized in Otfrid. In fact, in this analysis I argue that form fossilization is a necessary, though, we will find, not sufficient condition for any potential subsequent grammaticalization or lexicalization processes.

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