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By Adil E. Bharucha, Roberta E. Blandon, Peter J. Lunniss, S. Mark Scott (auth.), Carlo Ratto, Giovanni B. Doglietto, Ann C. Lowry, Lars Påhlman, Giovanni Romano (eds.)

Fecal incontinence is a widespread, distressing situation that has a devastating effect on sufferers’ lives. although, sufferers are usually embarrassed and reluctant to recognize this incapacity, in order that they relinquish the potential of being cured and stay socially remoted. on account that fecal incontinence may end up from a variety of pathophysiological occasions, a correct diagnostic work-up of every sufferer is key. at the present time, quite a lot of healing techniques is accessible, yet making the right kind selection is pivotal to the profitable administration of this situation. This booklet is aimed toward all physicians fascinated with the review and therapy of fecal incontinence. Its major objective is to study the most recent advances within the epidemiologic, socio-economic, psychologic, diagnostic, and healing points of fecal incontinence, to be able to determine instructions for powerful treatment.

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As with studies of adult faecal incontinence, these prevalence studies used variable definitions of incontinence, soiling and encopresis, as discussed previously. Issues of low response rate and difficulties with data collection are made more problematic in children because of the need for parental permission and assistance to take part in research. Faecal incontinence is very distressing for children, and they will often attempt to hide their incontinence from their parents [9]. Parents are often also embarrassed and distressed by their child’s incontinence, leading to under-reporting [19].

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