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By Marcel Allain, Pierre Souvestre

Paris is the grip of worry. One identify is on the root of this panic: "Fantomas." In a question of days, a prosperous heiress is hacked to demise in her room. a tender visitor, Charles Rambert stands accused through his personal father of the crime, and commits suicide. A Russian princess is robbed in her room. An English lord, a veteran of the Boer warfare, is going lacking. One detective, Juve, is familiar with that Fantomas is the mastermind of lots distress. Can he unmask the legal in time? Or is that this all a figment of Juve's brain? Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain's construction "Fantomas" is the head of pulp brilliance. he is one of many nice literary super-villains, a shadowy crime-lord who "spreads terror" for absolutely the excitement of it. He does not are looking to rule the realm. He makes his dwelling from crime, yet sincerely enjoys the notoriety his crimes carry him. In a feeling, Fantomas is a break-point among the wonderful traits nineteenth century pulp, and the down-to-earth crime fiction of the mid-20th century. the 1st novel is a rip-roaring journey of horror and intrigue, as Fantomas layers scheme upon scheme, murdering and stealing for the excitement of it. A grasp of cover, Fantomas strikes during the novel as an ambiguity, showing as numerous humans, often humans he has murdered, forwarding his loathsome schemes. Juve, additionally a grasp of conceal, is keen about shooting the fiend. He additionally strikes as a shadow, lower than the guise of beggars and criminals, investigating each one lead that may convey Fantomas to the guillotine. whereas the writing in Fantomas is reasonably overwrought, it's also rather lush and lurid, sweeping up the reader and major them to compulsively learn the subsequent interesting episode, as cliffhangers abound and plot-twists muddle the panorama.

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M. Etienne Rambert hurried onwards, and reaching the plat[13]form from which all the lines begin, was stayed by the porter who was laden with his baggage. " The porter showed some surprise, but made no remark. " The porter, who had stopped a moment, picked up the heavy valise again. "Then there isn't any choice. " said Etienne Rambert. " In the ever-increasing crowd Etienne Rambert had some difficulty in following the porter. The Gare d'Orsay has little or none of the attractiveness of the other stations, which cannot fail to have a certain fascination for any imaginative person, who thinks of the mystery attaching to all those iron rails reaching out into the distance of countries unknown to him.

14] M. Etienne Rambert acted on the suggestion, but he had hardly set foot in the corridor before the guard, also scenting a generous tip, came to offer his services. " was his first enquiry. " "No," Etienne Rambert replied. " As he spoke the guard took the baggage from the porter who had remained on the platform, and the porter, after being generously remunerated for his trouble by M. Rambert, hurried away to look for other travellers. " M. Rambert enquired. "Yes," the guard answered; "it runs right through without stopping at all the small stations as this train does.

All for Honour 92 X. Princess Sonia's Bath 104 XI. Magistrate and Detective 117 XII. A Knock-out Blow 125 XIII. Thérèse's Future 133 XIV. Mademoiselle Jeanne 140 XV. The Mad Woman's Plot 146 XVI. Among the Market Porters 156 XVII. At the Saint-Anthony's Pig 163 XVIII. A Prisoner and a Witness 174 XIX. Jérôme Fandor 184 XX. A Cup of Tea 190 XXI. Lord Beltham's Murderer 196 XXII. The Scrap of Paper 205 XXIII. The Wreck of the "Lancaster" 210 XXIV. Under Lock and Key 216 XXV. An Unexpected Accomplice 223 XXVI.

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