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By Tarja Joro, Pekka J. Korhonen

This publication offers an creation to incorporating choice info in facts Envelopment research (DEA) with a distinct emphasis in price potency research. as well as theoretical issues, a variety of illustrative examples are incorporated. consequently, the publication can be utilized as a instructing textual content in addition. just a modest mathematical historical past is required to appreciate the most rules. the single must haves are a) familiarity with linear algebra, in particular matrix calculus; b) wisdom of the simplex strategy; and c) familiarity with using machine software.

The publication is geared up as follows. bankruptcy 1 offers motivation and introduces the elemental recommendations. bankruptcy 2 offers the fundamental rules and types of knowledge Envelopment research. The effective frontier and construction chance set options play a massive position in all issues. that is why those ideas are thought of extra heavily in bankruptcy three. because the methods brought during this research are encouraged via a number of target Linear Programming, the fundamental strategies of this box are reviewed in bankruptcy four. bankruptcy five additionally compares and contrasts information Envelopment research and a number of target Linear Programming, supplying a few cornerstones for methods provided later within the publication. bankruptcy 6 discusses the conventional methods take into consideration choice info in DEA. In bankruptcy 7, worth potency is brought, and bankruptcy eight discusses sensible points. a few extensions are provided in bankruptcy nine, and in bankruptcy 10 price potency is prolonged to hide the case while a creation hazard set isn't really convex. 3 carried out purposes are reviewed in bankruptcy eleven.

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Eur J Oper Res 56:80–97 Thrall RM (1996) Duality, classification and slacks in DEA. Ann Oper Res 66:109–138 Zhu J (1996) Data envelopment analysis with preference structure. 1 Production Possibility Set Many concepts used in DEA are adopted from production economics. One of those concepts is production function f: ℜm ! ℜ(y ¼ f(x)), where vector x represents inputs and y is one-dimensional output. In this case, it is assumed that a DM can control inputs x. There are possibly other inputs, which are non-controllable.

0, w0 6¼ 0 such that η* ¼ 0 ) u0 is not strongly inefficient (see 2. b). Moreover, assume ∃ w1 ! 0, w1 6¼ 0 such that η* > 0 ) u0 is inefficient. Hence it follows that u0 is inefficient, but weakly efficient. a u0 is superefficient ) for all w ! 0, w 6¼ 0, η* < 0 at the optimum or there is no feasible solution for some w ! 0, w 6¼ 0. Assume that u0 is superefficient ) ∃ w ! 0, w 6¼ 0, such that η* ! 0 at the optimum. Because u0 is superefficient, there exists no u 2 P such that u ! u0 and u 6¼ u0 ) for each u 2 P, uj < u0j for at least one j 2 {1, 2, .

0, w 6¼ 0. a u0 is efficient ) for all w ! 0, w 6¼ 0, η* ¼ 0 at the optimum. Assume η* > 0 for some w ! 0, w 6¼ 0. Hence it follows that Uλ* – η*w ! u0 ) Uλ* ! u0 ^ Uλ* 6¼ u0 ) u0 is not efficient, which contradicts with the assumption. b u0 is efficient ( for all w ! 0, w 6¼ 0, η* ¼ 0 at the optimum. Assume u0 is inefficient ) ∃u 2 P such that u ! u0 ^ u 6¼ u0. Assume uj > u0j, j 2 {1, 2, . , s + m}. Choose wj ¼ 1 ^ wi ¼ 0, i ¼ 1, 2, . , s + m, i 6¼ j ) u ¼ Uλ – η w ! u0 ^ u 6¼ u0, when η ¼ uj – u0j > 0, which contradicts with the assumption that for all w !

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