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By Lyn Frazier, Edward Gibson

Top researchers in prosody and psycholinguistics current their learn and their perspectives at the position of prosody in processing speech and in addition its position in interpreting. the quantity characterizes the cutting-edge in an incredible quarter of psycholinguistics. How are basic constraints on prosody (‘timing’) and intonation (‘melody’) used to constrain the parsing and interpretation of spoken language? How are they used to assign a default prosody/intonation in silent analyzing, and extra ordinarily what's the position of phonology in studying? Prosody and intonation engage with phonology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics and hence are on the very middle of language processes.

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Prosodic Realizations of Information Focus in French Claire Beyssade, Barbara Hemforth, Jean-Marie Marandin and Cristel Portes Abstract In this chapter, we provide empirical evidence on the prosodic marking of information focus (IF) in French. We report results from an elicitation experiment and two perception experiments. Based on these experiments, we propose that phrases that resolve a question are set off by two types of intonational markers in French: they host the nuclear pitch accent (NPA) on their right edge and/or they are intonationally highlighted by an initial rise (IR).

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