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By Leonard D. Katz

Contains 4 important papers and a complete of forty three peer commentaries at the evolutionary origins of morality.

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M. M. (1988), ‘Mechanisms of social reciprocity in three primate species: Symmetrical relationship characteristics or cognition’, Ethology and Sociobiology, 9, pp. 101–18. M. and Luttrell, L M. (1985), ‘The formal hierarchy of rhesus monkeys: An investigation of the bared-teeth display’, American Journal of Primatology, 9, pp. 73–85. M. R. (1988), ‘Comparison of the reconcilation behaviour of stumptail and rhesus macaques’, Ethology, 78, pp. 129–42. A. (1996), ‘Behavioural retardation in a macaque with autosomal trisomy and aging mother’, American Journal on Mental Retardation, 100, pp.

Moralistic aggression against violators of reciprocity rules. Getting Along Peacemaking and avoidance of conflict. * Accommodation of conflicting interests through negotiation. *It is particularly in these areas — empathy, internalization of rules, sense of justice, and community concern — that humans seem to have gone considerably further than most other animals. flicts and repair relationships help promote cohesion, co-operation and social bonding, characteristics of a social group that may, from an evolutionary perspective, make group living a functionally effective strategy and, therefore, an attractive strategy in which individuals should invest resources.

Animals are no moral philosophers. But, while there is no denying that we are creatures of intellect, it is also clear that we are born with powerful inclinations and emotions that bias our thinking and behaviour. It is in this area that many of the continuities with other animals lie. A chimpanzee stroking and patting a victim of attack or sharing her food with a hungry companion shows attitudes that are hard to distinguish from those of a person taking a crying child in the arms, or doing volunteer work in a soup kitchen.

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