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By Michel A. Hofman and Dean Falk (Eds.)

This quantity of development in mind examine offers an artificial resource of data approximately cutting-edge learn that has very important implications for the evolution of the mind and cognition in primates, together with people. This subject calls for enter from various fields which are constructing at an unheard of velocity: genetics, developmental neurobiology, comparative and useful neuroanatomy (at gross and microanatomical levels), quantitative neurobiology on the topic of scaling elements that constrain mind association and evolution, primate palaeontology (including paleoneurology), paleo-anthropology, comparative psychology, and behavioural evolutionary biology. Written via internationally-renowned scientists, this well timed quantity could be of broad curiosity to scholars, students, technological know-how reporters, and a number of specialists who're attracted to maintaining a tally of the discoveries which are quickly rising concerning the evolution of the mind and cognition.Leading authors evaluate the cutting-edge of their box of research and supply their perspectives and views for destiny researchChapters are commonly referenced to supply readers with a accomplished checklist of assets at the themes coveredAll chapters contain finished historical past details and are written in a transparent shape that also is available to the non-specialist

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