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The main whole, versatile, and reasonable Comparative Politics package deal at the market.Essentials of Comparative Politics introduces scholars to the techniques that political scientists use to check and examine political platforms and the details of particular political platforms. The textual content is out there with a corresponding casebook of 14 state reports and a reader—the 3 parts can be utilized separately or in any mix. The 3rd version has been revised and up-to-date to incorporate the most up-tp-date and appropriate examples; it contains a powerful suite of emedia assets for college students and teachers. The Comparative Politics package deal presents greatest worth to students—the textbook/casebook/reader package deal is priced comparably to so much standalone state reviews textbooks.

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What Is Comparative Politics? Before we go any further, we must identify what comparative politics is. Politics is often defined as the struggle in any group for power that will give one or more persons the ability to make decisions for the larger group. This group may range from a small organization up to an entire country or even 7696_ch01_p1-20:7696_TEMPLATE 7/8/09 11:02 AM Page 3 What Is Comparative Politics? the entire global population. Politics can be found everywhere there is organization and power; for example, we may speak of “office politics” when we are talking about relations and power within a business.

7696_ch02_p21-46:7696_TEMPLATE 2 7/8/09 11:03 AM Page 21 STATES KEY CONCEPTS ᭿ The state is a central institution in comparative politics, as the centralization of violence over a territory. ᭿ Regimes guide states by serving as the fundamental rules and norms of politics. ᭿ Government is the leadership or elite in charge of running the state. ᭿ Political legitimacy can take several forms: charismatic, traditional, and rational-legal. ᭿ States can vary in autonomy and capacity, and this can shape their power at home and abroad.

1 7/8/09 11:02 AM Page 18 INTRODUCTION trol people’s lives—where they lived, the education they received, the jobs they held, the money they earned. Are freedom and equality by nature zero-sum, where the gain of one represents the loss of the other? Not necessarily. Some would assert that freedom and equality can also serve to reinforce each other, with material security helping to secure certain political rights, and vice versa. In addition, while a high degree of state power may weaken individual freedom, the state may also act as the very guarantor of these rights.

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