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By Pol Vandevelde, Sebastian Luft (Eds.)

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If the acquisition of pure essences were dependent upon an extensive purview of the possibilities, then it would seem that higher levels of generality would require far more examples than lower level generalities. But just the reverse is often true. Commonly, the more general a necessity, the easier it is to apprehend. For example, it is easier to realize the transitivity of parts and wholes than to realize whether minds depend upon bodies. It is also easier to discover that shape and size are inseparable than it is to discover that the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides.

See Husserl 1973a, § 90 for a discussion of this sense. This does not mean that the examples will have their materiality essentially. Establishing whether that is the case is determined by way of further variation over more general types. See Husserl 1977, 34. See Husserl 1973a, 342. Robert Sokolowski makes the same point in Sokolowski 1974, 81–2. A type intuited on the basis of several actual instances is a type whose extension initially corresponds to the actual number of particulars compared and judged from.

The more general a category, the more differentia fall below it, and the more possibilities that exemplify that type there are. While this is no knock down argument, it inclines one to think there is something dubious about the inductionistic assumption. There is also a more serious objection to the inductionistic account; namely, that it fails in principle to provide for the possibility of knowledge of necessity. Consider the situation for an observer or imaginer who, by whatever recourse, does have every instance of a certain kind presented before him.

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