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By J. Orstrom Moller

For the reason that 1945, the realm has moved, haltingly yet relentlessly, towards internationalism. And with th....

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It limits the economic development of a nation because of barriers to trade, capital flow and research and development. Everything goes hand in hand, dichotomizing society into ‘‘us,’’ the good ones, and ‘‘them,’’ the bad ones. The main reason for the strong internationalism after World War II was the evolution, indeed the revolution, of information technology. This opened hitherto secluded national societies to information and knowledge from outside. Standards of living, tastes, patterns of demand all became measurable, not necessarily in a strict sense, but compared to 26 The End of Internationalism what happened in other places around the world.

Finally, again a little bit outside the conventional economic theory, the United States was during the 1950s and 1960s participating in an arms race with the Soviet Union, opening the floodgates for many projects which would never have been touched with a barge pole from a commercial point of view. Having proven its workability inside the military framework and having been paid for partly by military funding, such technology could be integrated into civilian projects. There was an enormous spin-off from military projects to civilian applications.

Most people looking at Italy would be ready to consent in the verdict that we have two nations. One is northern Italy, belonging to Central Europe and under the strong influence of the Habsburgs for centuries. The other is Southern Italy, belonging to the culture and economic life of the Mediterranean. In the east and southeast of Europe we have had three great empires. The weakest was definitely the Ottoman empire, which already felt imperial overstretch in the beginning of the nineteenth century, but was allowed to exist because the other powers in adjacent areas were too weak to exploit its decadence.

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