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Has the trading been fairly consistent? Are recent trades worse than those of the past? Or are they better? How might some of the worst trades be characterized in a way to improve the trading system? These are the kinds of questions that cannOt be answered by a distant panoramic view of the forest (a summary report), but they can be answered with a good trade-by-trade or detail report. In addition, a properly formatted detail report can be loaded into a spreadsheet for further analysis. Spreadsheets are convenient for sorting and displaying data.

Easy Language, too, is highly extensible and modular: Modules called User Functions can be created in Easy Language, and jimcrions written in other languages (including C+ +) can be called (if they are placed in a dynamic link library, or DLL). Macrolike languages, on the other hand, are not as flexible, greatly limiting their usefulness to the advanced system developer. In our view, the ability to access modules written in other languages is absolutely crucial: Different languages have different expressive foci, and even with a powerful language like C+ +, it sometimes makes sense to write one or more modules in another lan guage such as Prolog (a language designed for writing expert systems).

The language used may be either a generic programming language, such as C+ + or FORTRAN, or a proprietary scripting language. Without the aid of a formal language, it would be impossible to express a system’s trading rules with the precision required for an accurate simulation. The need for programming of some kind should not be looked upon as a necessary evil. Programming can actually benefit the trader by encouraging au explicit and disciplined expression of trading ideas. For an example of how trading logic is programmed into a simulator, consider TradeStation, a popular integrated product from Omega Research that contains an interpreter for a basic system writing language (called Easy Language) with bistorical simulation capabilities.

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