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In A Clinician’s Guide to Medical and Surgical Abortion, ed. M. Paul, E. Lichtenberg, L. Borgatta, D. Grimes, and P. Stubblefield. New York: Churchill Livingstone. Winikoff, B. 2006. ’’ Clinical Infectious Diseases 43: 1447–1448. Carole Joffe ABSTINENCE Across times and cultures, individuals and groups of sexually mature people have been culturally defined and socially positioned as celibates on the basis of temporary or longENCYCLOPEDIA OF SEX AND GENDER Abstinence term abstinence from certain types of sex.

Kruger Professor English Department Queens College and The Graduate Center, City University of New York CAMILLE, MICHAEL CHAUCER, GEOFFREY CLOSETS PHILOSOPHY Alison Keith Professor University of Toronto, Canada DREAMS AND EROTICISM, DREAM BOOKS FOUCAULT, MICHEL JUDAISM, GENDER AND QUEERING OTHER, CONSTRUCTING THE QUEERING, QUEER THEORY, AND SEX AND EMPIRE Erick Kelemen Doctor University of Kentucky, Lexington ADULTERY ASEXUALITY LUST EARLY MODERN CULTURE Indiana University, Bloomington EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION FAMILY LEAVE ACT Siobhan Lambert-Hurley Doctor School of Arts and Humanities Nottingham Trent University, England PILGRIMAGES: IV.

Prochoice Americans became more engaged in activism and politics as the Court seemed to be on the verge of overruling Roe. The Court surprised all sides in Planned 2 Parenthood v. Casey by reaffirming, five to four, a narrowed version of Roe. ) The Casey Court announced that it would continue to invalidate the most onerous abortion restrictions, including husband notification requirements and outright bans. However, the Court no longer would protect a ‘‘fundamental right’’ to reproductive choice and, under a far less protective ‘‘undue burden’’ standard, would uphold many more governmental restrictions.

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