Download Encyclopedia of Prehistory: Volume 2: Arctic and Subarctic by Allen McCartney, Douglas Veltre (auth.), Peter N. Peregrine, PDF

By Allen McCartney, Douglas Veltre (auth.), Peter N. Peregrine, Melvin Ember (eds.)

The Encyclopedia of Prehistory represents additionally outlined by way of a slightly diversified set of an try to offer uncomplicated details sociocultural features than are eth­ on all archaeologically recognized cultures, nological cultures. significant traditions are masking the total globe and the full outlined in response to universal subsistence prehistory of humankind. it truly is designed as practices, sociopolitical association, and a device to help in doing comparative fabric industries, yet language, ideology, study at the peoples of the prior. such a lot and kinship ties play very little half in of the entries are written by way of the world's their definition simply because they're almost most well known specialists at the specific components unrecoverable from archaeological con­ and time classes. texts. by contrast, language, ideology, and The Encyclopedia is prepared accord­ kinship ties are significant to defining ethno­ ing to significant traditions. a big culture logical cultures. There are 3 kinds of entries within the is outlined as a bunch of populations sharing Encyclopedia: the foremost culture access, comparable subsistence practices, expertise, and types of sociopolitical association, the nearby subtradition access, and the that are spatially contiguous over a rela­ web site access. every one includes varieties of tively huge region and which suffer pace­ details, and every is meant to be rally for a comparatively lengthy interval. minimum utilized in a distinct way.

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LOCATION: DESCRIPTIVE SUMMARY Local Environment Chaluka is a large and deep midden site (60 by 215 m) separating Nikolski bay from Umnak lake. Modern houses are found atop the midden, as well as on the surrounding beach ridges. Physical Features The modern beach, Umnak lake, and a small stream draining the lake mark this large midden site (Hrdlicka 1945; Laughlin and Marsh 1951). The midden is approximately 6 m deep, and although there are some temporal disconformities in anyone part of the site (Turner et al.

At the most extravagant, some men, women, and children were placed in rock overhangs or caves, clothed and surrounded by artifacts of everyday life. P. The 800-km-Iong middle portion of the Aleutian islands, including the Andreanof islands, the Delarof islands, and the Rat islands groups. Includes the major islands of, from east to west, Amlia, Atka, Adak, Kanaga, Tanaga, Amchitka, and Kiska. LOCATION: Although some stylistic variation occurs, bone and lithic artifact types are generally similar to those throughout the entire Aleutian tradition region.

Aigner 1983; Aigner et al. 1976). References Aigner, Jean S. (1983). " Unpublished manuscript, Alaska Historical Commission, Anchoraqe. , Bruce Fullem, Douglas Veltre, and Mary Veltre (1976). P. " Arctic Anthropology 13 (2): 83-90. P. Follows the Amur Paleolithic, precedes the historic period in the region. RELATIVE TIME PERIOD: The Amur river basin east to the coast of the Okhotsk sea, northern Manchuria. LOCATION: Flat-bottomed ceramic vessels are characteristic of the Amur Neolithic. These are decorated in a variety of styles, including stamping, cord marking, and textile impressing.

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