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This encyclopedic paintings on Islam contains English translations of all canonical adths, whole with their respective chains of transmission (isnds).

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It is for that reason that it was left out of consideration. The Brill edition may be old but it constitutes an exception amidst the other kh editions in that its numbering is consistent as well as reliable. Moreover, that numbering was wholesale copied through the good offices of Mu˕ammad 3. Occasionally we find after the symbol d a reference to his marăsĦl collection. 4. Instead of t it says sometimes tm, a reference to TirmidhĦ’s collection of Shamăʙil. 5. With s we sometimes find a reference to another smaller collection of his traditions such as ʚIshrat an-nisăʙ or ʚAmal al-yawm wa ‘l-layla.

Our lemma in EI 2. 6 ʚABD ALLĂH B. DĥNĂR gist of this tradition. Mălik’s transmission was routinely copied by Shuʚba, ThawrĦ, and others, cf. ZurqănĦ, III, p. 343. Because of a certain speech defect, called rutta, in one of its transmitters, the final word ‘cheating’, khilăba, is also transmitted as khiyăba. There is confusion about the identity of the man who was cheated. Some say that it was one ˔abbăn b. Munqidh, others that it was his father Munqidh b. ). About the father as well as the son a report is found that they suffered from an injury (maʙmŗma) in the skull.

Reports that sing the praises of a particular person or a certain locality. 3. For a seemingly early report supported by a bundle in which one can discern a key figure who lived during the first half of the second century, see Khălid b. Mihrăn al-˔adhdhăʙ under no. 6049, but his position cannot be considered as more than that of SCL. 4. For this qualification, see Islam (II), pp. 318-30. 5. Cf. , TahdhĦb, XI, p. 19. For such qualifications, see MT, ch. V, and our lemma ̓ăli˕ in EI 2. self and I put down some washing water for him.

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