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By Jerome Bibette, Fernando Leal-Calderon, Veronique Schmitt, Philippe Poulin

This booklet goals to provide an outline of the latest advances in emulsion technological know-how. the elemental ideas of emulsion technological know-how, protecting features of emulsions from their instruction to their destruction, are offered in shut relation to either the basic physics and the functions of those fabrics. The publication is meant to aid engineers in formulating new fabrics through giving them an knowing of those easy ideas, in addition to serving as a reference publication.

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Here again, it has been shown that adhesion is favored when the surfactant becomes less soluble in the continuous phase [62]. This can be tested experimentally by using binary mixtures of oils, one in which the surfactant is soluble and another one in which the surfactant is insoluble. For example, water droplets can be stabilized in mineral oil by sorbitan monooleate (Span 80). This surfactant is soluble in dodecane whereas it is not in silicone oil. The affinity of the surfactant for the organic solvent can be tuned by mixing dodecane and silicone oil.

3) where nm and φm are the micelle concentration and volume fraction, respectively. 4) uc ≈ − kT φm . 2 ∆ This equation predicts a simple linear dependence of the contact potential on the micelle volume fraction and on the ratio R/∆. 5 µm is equal to 4kT , an attraction which is in principle sufficient to produce flocculation. By adjusting the concentration of surfactant above its CMC value, the volume fraction of micelles can be easily controlled. 1. 4), for any given micelle volume fraction φm , the magnitude of the depletion attraction will be greater than kT for oil droplets larger than some radius and will cause these larger droplets to flocculate.

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