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These ‘‘facilitators’’ were all available by 1989 and they would have a very profound effect on the popularity of the Internet. The Internet can be seen as a network connecting various sites where information is stored. The stored information and the technology for transferring the information back and forth is the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web in its infancy carried only text. Later the transmission of graphics, in color, was added. With the increasing speed and sophistication of the personal computer, sound and video have been added subsequently.

The device has a negative conductance in the region where the slope of the curve is negative. Examples of practical devices which have such characteristics are the four-layer diode and the silicon controlled rectifier. 9 where A is the gain of an amplifier and b represents the transfer function of the feedback path. Es is the signal applied to the input and Eo is the output of the system [1]. In the derivation that follows, it is necessary to make the following assumptions: (1) the input impedances of both the amplifier and the feedback network are infinite and their output impedances are zero, (2) both A and b are complex quantities.

22. The output waveform of a class-C amplifier after a single pulse excitation. Note the sinusoidal waveform and the exponential decay of the envelope. 23. The collector voltage (vc ), base voltage (vbe ) and collector current (ic ) of the classC amplifier. Note that the base voltage need not be sinusoidal for the collector voltage to be sinusoidal. 42 AMPLITUDE MODULATED RADIO TRANSMITTER of the circuit is sufficiently high so that the amount of damping at the end of the second cycle is negligible.

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