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By Fouad N. Ibrahim

Egypt is nearly the dimensions of england, France, and Germany mixed, but its approximately 70 million individuals are compelled by means of geography to stay in a space no greater than Belgium. during this illuminating advent to fiscal geography, the authors describe the myriad difficulties dealing with Egypt. They learn foodstuff shortage, the results of water and land scarcity, the effect of globalization on Egypt's makes an attempt to industrialize, inhabitants explosion, gigantic debt, unemployment, corruption, and Egypt's tourism undefined.

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They provide social welfare and charity to the poor, acting as social networks where the government fails to give support. A new type of mostly foreign-funded professional NGOs that emerged generally act as advocates of social and political change and concentrate on democratization, the empowerment of women and human rights questions. They have been particularly provoking to Hosni Mubarak’s administration, which in turn accused them of dangerous foreign interference in the country’s affairs, of misunderstanding gender issues and lacking consideration for the Egyptian cultural context.

Two big revolts against Arab foreign rule are recorded, one in 725–33, the other in 832, which were both bloodily crushed, after which the cruelties of the Abbasids against the people were exacerbated. The conquest of Egypt by Sultan Selim I in 1517 was a prelude to a 400year-long Turkish rule over Egypt, which proved a disaster. When Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798 the country was economically in ruins and the number of its inhabitants had dropped to a long-term minimum. In their pursuit of the Mameluks all over the country the French inflicted torture upon the fellaheen, raped their women and burnt their villages.

4 per cent annually per 1,000 inhabitants. 4 per cent annually per 1,000 inhabitants. 8 per cent. 41 ten years earlier (CAPMAS 2000). Most Egyptians live congested in the narrow Nile valley. 5 per cent of the country’s total surface. With a population of 68 million inhabitants distributed over an area of 35,000 km2, the actual average population density for 2003 can be calculated at 1,940 inhabitants/km2, which is an unusual figure for an agricultural country of this size. 2). 9 times as large as the agricultural area in Egypt today, decreased from 5,280 m2 to 865 m2 per capita.

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