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By Mark Quigg MD MSc

This booklet makes use of the original vignette layout of the best-selling Pearls sequence® to discover the fundamental rules of electroencephalography (EEG), in addition to acquisition and interpretation of EEG findings. Real-life case studies-with actual findings, EEG readings, and scientific photos-show you the way to acknowledge general waking and sleep EEG readings in addition to findings linked to the whole variety of epilepsy and seizure syndromes.

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Question: Describe the predominant activity in anterior head regions appearing under the bar in the tracing in Figure 3-1 (see following page). 37 Figure 3-1. Answer: This is generalized, anteriorly dominant, rhythmic, 2 cps high amplitude delta activity that appears synchronously and symmetrically across each hemisphere. Note that contrary to the composition rules of Strunk and White, long strings of modifiers are encouraged. REFERENCE 1. Noaschter S, Binnie C, Ebersole J: Glossary of terms most commonly used by clinical electroencephalographers and proposal for the report form for the EEG findings.

In the referential montage G1 from each pair is more negative than G2, and each channel deflects upward in proportion to its distance from the occipital potential. Clinical Pearls 1. Isopotential channels can result from either being equally uninvolved by a focal discharge or from being equally involved. 2. Focal discharges that occur at the end-of-chain may show no phase reversal on a bipolar montage. 28 Acquisition of the Electroencephalogram Localization 3 Questions: Continue predicting the pattern of EEG deflections induced by the following discharges.

S. labs tended to persist in the use of an older standard in which electrodes overlying the temporal region are prefixed ‘‘T’’ with the number increasing anteriorly to posteriorly. EEGs in this book adhere to the international naming convention. Some electrodes fall outside the standard 10–20 grid. True temporal electrodes (T1 and T2) are placed 1 cm above and 1/3 the distance of the line joining the external auditory meatus to the external canthus. Ear electrodes (A1 and A2) are attached to the ear lobe.

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