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By Walter S. Melion, Lee Palmer Wandel

In bringing jointly paintings on optic concept, ethnography, and the visible cultures of Christianity, this quantity deals a feeling of the richness and the complexity of early glossy considering the human eye. The seven case stories discover the connection among imaginative and prescient and data, taking on such varied artifacts as a logo publication, a Jesuit mariological textual content, Calvin's Institutes, Las Casas's Apologia, Hans Staden's True History, the Codex Telleriano-Remensis, and an exegetical portray via Herri met de Bles. Argued from varied disciplinary views, those essays pose the most important questions on the eyes, asking how they have been construed as tools of witnessing, belief, illustration, cognition, and non secular trust. individuals contain: Tom Conley, Walter Melion, Jose Rabasa, Lee Palmer Wandel, Michel Weemans, Nicolas Wey Gomez, and Neil Whitehead.

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Cronología documentada de los viajes, estancias y actuaciones de Fray Bartolomé de las Casas [Estudios monográficos 2] (Bayamón: 1984) 721–807. Sepúlveda used the same reasoning as Mesa in Argument 4 of his Apologia, printed in Rome in 1550: Apología en favor del libro sobre las justas causas de la guerra, ed. A. Moreno Hernández, trans. A. Losada [Obras completas 3] (Pozoblanco, Spain: 1997), 197. 23 (Rome: 1951) 23. 16 nicolás wey gómez one could credibly claim that Amerindians were by nature Spain’s legal subjects or slaves.

The politics of light 17 18 nicolás wey gómez commentary tradition about the tropics, why Europeans had been so mistaken to construe themselves as the natural heirs to the Indies. Las Casas’s learned understanding of Columbus’s geopolitics and its legacy thus serves as a crucial context for the arguments at stake in the Apologética. 16 Following the theoretical cartography of Eratosthenes (3rd–2nd c. BCE), Mediterranean geographers had long conceived of India as a quarter of the inhabited world extending indefinitely to the south of the parallel that joined the Strait of Gibraltar with the farthest reaches of the so-called Taurus mountain-range, and indefinitely to the east of the River Nile [Fig.

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