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By Claes H. de Vreese

Direct democracy is renowned. Referenda are an more and more very important technique of enacting or fighting laws in international locations worldwide. This publication specializes in the most important actors in a referendum (the political elites/ events, the media and electorate) and is based round issues corresponding to crusade sort, crusade results, electoral mobilization and turnout, in addition to vote selection. The individuals particularly deal with the position of referendum campaigns and their effect and convey why referendum campaigns could topic greater than the other political election campaigns.

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The vast majority of an electorate only hears about politics and election campaigns through the media and the content forms the backdrop against which political leaders, institutions, and issues are evaluated. Individual-level effects of media can be observed on the processing of information, on perceptions of the political system, on political affections and attitudes as well as on behavioral intentions or real behavior. A comprehensive campaign effect study (de Vreese and Semetko, 2004) demonstrated that a referendum campaign may: (i) lead citizens to evaluate the campaign positively or negatively; (ii) induce political cynicism, dependent upon the media content to which citizens are exposed and pay attention; (iii) affect citizen’s evaluations of domestic political leaders; (iv) serve to crystallize opinion on the topic of the referendum; and (v) influence some voters on how to vote.

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