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By Cornelia Zelinsky-Wibbelt

This ebook bargains an interdisciplinary account of reference and categorization in the framework of cognitive linguistics. imperative concerns are the excellence among lexical vagueness and polysemy in addition to the construction of recent meanings in English and German. Polysemy is resolved by way of a computational implementation in a machine-translation procedure.

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To something like Putnam's essential properties of the experts' knowledge. An utterance achieves meaning from our perspective on reality by means of a specific method of representation (cf. Wittgenstein, 1977a, §122). Wittgenstein compares both with the method of measuring, in which a specific extension is determined as measurable by associating it with a certain scale (cf. Wittgenstein, 1984, §§45, 95). This is the only condition: speakers must be sure of the scale to fit the respective extension.

They may therefore prove to be wrong if empirical investigation shows that things are different from what they were taken to be according to previous experience. The analyticity assumption thus makes a sharp distinction between semantics and pragmatics by not considering specific situations as being responsible for the contextually supported integration of new experiences into existing knowledge. 1). In our cultural community the relatively analytic meaning has been relaxed by the change of social conventions.

Kripke, 1977, 72). Joining referential realism with referential holism 33 Kripke reduces his explanation of linguistic "understanding" to some basic principle of human interaction, in so doing coming very close to Davidson's principle of charity (cf. ): Charity ... is a condition of having a workable theory ... Charity is forced on us ... if we want to understand others, we must count them as right in most matters. Successful communication proves the existence of a shared, and largely true, view of the world.

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