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By John McFetridge

In the center of the afternoon on a hectic downtown Toronto highway a guy is shot within the head at the back of the wheel of his SUV. The killer drives away earlier than the sunshine adjustments. it can be street rage, or it may be a random act of violence. it can be, however it isn’t. What it truly is, is chance. for everybody concerned. The witness, Roxanne Keyes, a true property agent making an attempt desperately to rent out area in undesirable place of work area, acknowledges the killer — a guy who had as soon as appeared to hire along with her. She figures with this sort of leverage he’ll be much more now. other than he’s Boris Suliemanov, a Russian mobster within the strip membership company, who’s now busy removing rivals and increasing into medicines and grand robbery car. Then there’s Vince Fournier, a funky man with a mysterious earlier who could possibly aid Roxanne take care of Boris if he will get what he wishes. He rents area in her construction for his web porn corporation, yet he’s searching for a bit extra from her. and eventually, the murder squad police officers can see their very own possibilities within the brazen, daylight hours homicide. within the culture of Elmore Leonard and Christopher Brookmyre, soiled candy is a fast paced crime tale following each one personality to a stunning end.

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We file our ir’s and move on, be glad about it. ” Loewen said, “What are you talking about, there’s plenty. Crime Scene hasn’t even finished, we’ve got witnesses. We can’t just walk away now, the only thing we know about the dead guy is his name. ” Price gave him a look, like why would you want to bother. “Well, we got his Russian name and the fact that DirtySweetM4 4/24/06 10:00 AM Page 27 DIRTY SWEET he got his head shot off waiting for a light to change. No argument, not even a scratch on his brand new Lincoln Navigator, which we’re going to find out was stolen in Edmonton.

Okay, so this is a real chance for me. ” Loewen looked at Price. So cool in his thousand dollar lightweight summer grey suit, baby blue shirt, and redand-silver striped tie. His shades. Leather shoes. His whole demeanour, showing up on the scene, people freaked out, traffic backed up, uniforms running around everywhere, and he takes charge. 27 DirtySweetM4 4/24/06 10:00 AM Page 28 JOHN McFETRIDGE 28 “Come on,” Loewen said. ” Price chewed on his sausage, took his time, cool as always, before saying, “Guys killing their wives, sitting in the corner sobbing, drunk, when we get there.

He brought home, what? ” Price looked at Loewen and rubbed his thumb over his fingers. Loewen dropped a twenty on the table as the waitress finally brought Willis his beer. DirtySweetM4 4/24/06 10:00 AM Page 41 CHAPTER FOUR Madonna blasted out of the Jeep’s stereo. Pushing her over the borderline. Roxanne sang along, tapping the steering wheel with both hands, the red glow of her cigarette bouncing in rhythm. So long ago, this song. Fourteen, living with her mother in the Masonettes, the public housing up by the dvp and the 401, hating every minute of it.

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