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It is essential for the patient to provide himself with a weighing scale in the bathroom and to be weighed at the same time each day. Attempts to reduce weight can be a discouraging process and it must be realized that the weight tends to fluctuate day by day, sometimes according to whether the bowel or bladder has been recently emptied. Nevertheless, if an 800-cal diet is rigidly adhered to, it can be anticipated that the patient should lose 3 or 4 lb each week. It is worth stressing that the diet must be adhered to for seven days a week.

In a series of brilliant experiments on dogs, he deduced that the excess sugar in the blood was produced by the liver. Indeed, as we know today, in uncontrolled diabetes excess sugar is produced by the liver from its stores of glycogen. But this defect is secondary to the lack of insulin. The knowledge that the pancreas played the primary role in the cause of diabetes arose from a chance finding by Minkowsky. This physiologist had set out to determine the role the pancreas played in the digestion of food.

In children or young people, loss of weight is gradual and insidious in the early stages so that parents may not be aware of what is happening. A relative who has not seen the child for some time is more likely to be struck by the thin, emaciated appearance. LOSS OF ENERGY Tiredness is a most difficult symptom to delineate since everybody feels tired from time to time and some people feel tired almost constantly. Tiredness is much more often of emotional origin and usually stems from boredom, frustration or an inability to achieve necessary standards.

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