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By Mingliang (Michael) Liu

This booklet is helping engineers to understand basic theories and layout ideas by way of proposing actual and intuitive motives of switched-capacitor circuits. a variety of circuit examples are mentioned and the writer emphasizes an important and primary rules excited about enforcing cutting-edge switched-capacitor circuits for analog sign processing and gear administration purposes. in the course of the publication, the writer offers a variety of step by step tutorials and provides sensible layout examples.

While a few quantitative research is important to appreciate underlying ideas, tedious mathematical equations and formal proofs are kept away from. An intuitive appreciation for switched-capacitor circuits is accomplished. a lot of the present details on modern switched-capacitor circuit purposes is within the kind of functions notes and knowledge sheets for numerous switched-capacitor ICs. This publication compiles such details in one quantity and coherently organizes and constructions it.

* step by step tutorials which emphasize the main primary principals
* Few tedious mathematical equations
* the 1st easy-to-understand compilation in this topic

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Without writing tedious charge equations, we can see that the output is advanced by half T in time, which in the frequency domain essentially means adding a leading element of (z1/2). 49) An SC integrator with such half-delay property is called an inverting Type I or forward-Euler lossless discrete integrator (LDI), which was introduced by Bruton [22]. 1 that the phase shift of this LDI is equal to p /2. , z−1) loop delay in a fully differential SC circuit. 2(b) and (c). , parasitic-free) transfer functions, we shall take the effects of parasitic capacitances into consideration.

16] proposed a parametric programmable SC filter implementation. The basic mechanism of the filter is described as follows: the independent programmability of Q and w 0 is obtained by scaling the equivalent resistance R of the filter such that R = 1/Q, which in essence removes the inherent correlation between Q and w 0. In addition, two different types of programmable capacitor arrays are used to implement the parametric control (a binary-weighted type for programming Q and G; a logarithmic type for programming w 0), thereby further separating Q and w 0.

This is because ideally Vin is from a voltage-controlled voltage source (VCVS) and its nodal impedance is very low [20][21]. Similar arguments apply to the parasitic capacitance on the bottom plate of C, which is connected to either Vin or ground. In addition, the parasitic capacitance at the virtual ground of the op-amp is negligible if an ideal op-amp is assumed. To investigate the effect of Cp1 on the integrator’s transfer function, we employ the principle of superposition. , parasitic-free) bilinear SC integrator with a switched capacitor of C and a parallel SC integrator with a switched capacitor of Cp1.

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