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Bankruptcy I the varsity OF COBDEN D URING SOlne twenty, or it can be thirty years, a vave of .reaction has unfold over the civilised Vorla and invaded one division after one other of concept and motion. this is often no exceptional incidence. within the onvard moveluent of luankind background exhibits us each one fOIVard step by means of a pause, and too frequently by means of a backsliding in vhich luuch of the floor received is misplaced. Of the explanations of this virtually rhythmical, but tragic, alternation we all know little. Sometilnes it vould SeelTI that the forces accrued jointly to r81ll0Ve a few obstruction which without delay blocks enhance turn into themselves a difficulty to additional lTIOVement. occasionally the guidelines which fill one new release vith enthusiasm seem as if spent and worn 1...

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People expect the same things from me as from him, and I cannot refuse 8. Our information on Teyyeb's life story comes essentially from our private conversations with his friends and members of his family. We should also refer to the remarkable research work by Jamshid Sedaghat Nejad, partially published under the title 'Teyyeb, qaddareh­ bandi dar kenar-e tiqut va bar 'alayh-e an' , in A siya -ye javan, 1, 3, 4, 5, 1 358 ( 1979). The Man of Integrity 37 anyth ing when I see the difficulties in which people are struggling to live.

54. 3 1 . M. t-e tamaddoniye jadid dar Iran, vol. II, Tehran, EnteshArat-e daneshgah-e tehran, 1376 (1977), p. 133. 32. Interview, Mr. Jamali Bahri, head of the Public and International Relations office of the Tehran central municipality, spring 1994. When Taxes Bloom in Iran 21 people we spoke to tended to see the new municipal parks and gardens as an extension of the courtyard gardens of their homes - and that, it will be recalled, was the idea behind the 1 990 operation in which Tehran 's citizens were called upon to decorate their doorsteps with flowers.

Mr. Rafsanjani paid an official visit to the ruins of Persepolis, and Mr. 35 It is certainly clear to see how municipal policy relates to other sensibilities besides a modernisation concerned only with the city 's world standing. Mr. Karbaschi has been at the point where spirituality (ma 'ad) and material things (ma 'ash) converge, and at a precise historical moment, that of the reconstruction of the country after a ruinous war. So he has in practice been opening up a space for all sorts of practices which, as we have seen, involve reshaping the private and public spheres.

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