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By Peter Van Ness

Human rights debates can galvanize robust reactions, rather between humans of other cultural backgrounds. the controversy over Asian values and using human rights international relations are the obvious manifestations of divisions among Asia and the West and replicate specific international perspectives and ancient legacies.
In this new e-book, students from the us and a number of other Asian nations debate basic matters reminiscent of 'Asian values', 'peaceful evolution' and cultural imperialism. Provocative and demanding essays examine the talk among East and West, featuring severe views on globalization and human rights diplomacy.
Debating Human Rights is an unique contribution to a necessary quarter of dialogue. It provides a uniquely vast range of views on debatable concerns and demonstrates how students and activists who view the realm very another way can still circulation those debates ahead in a look for universal

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How can one talk of the rights of the human being without a more profound understanding of the human being him- or herself? It is because of these and other flaws in the very character of the Western approach to human rights that there is an urgent need to try to evolve a vision of human dignity which is more just, more holistic, and more universal. In Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Taoism, Christianity, Judaism and even in the theistic strains within Confucianism and Buddhism there are elements of such a vision of the human being, of human rights and of human dignity.

It is important to note at the outset that this occurs within the context of a larger debate raging in the Third World on the realities of external (Western) versus internal (local ruling elite) domination. I will illustrate this debate using the case of India. ” is once again being asked. This alludes to the notion held by some that while Gandhi concentrated on liberation from external domination, Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar was concerned with internal domination of the oppressed castes by the dominant castes.

Fourth, by curbing their arbitrariness, by regulating their activities, the wielders of power in Europe were compelled to become more accountable to the people. Public accountability developed into a norm of democratic governance. The empowerment and the enhancement of the individual have, in other words, brought governments within the control of the governed through institutions established to ensure public accountability. But what is sad is that while Europe built the edifice of the individual within its own borders, it destroyed the human person on other shores.

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