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By Miranda Bliss

Cooking category is again in consultation for most sensible friends-and someday sleuths-Annie and Eve. yet this time, Annie unearths herself at the teacher's facet of the slicing board, aiding out in the course of a bar foodstuff cooking classification at D.C.'s most up-to-date hotspot, Bellywasher's. And her ally, Eve, is in additional scorching water than ever-as the leading suspect in a student's homicide.

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I could only chalk it all up to the fact that I was too tired to argue. " Valerie was tall and gorgeous. Her apartment was small and messy. She plucked a hooded sweatshirt off a chair and let it fall to the floor before she dropped down across from where Eve and I were perched on a love seat with mushy, uncomfortable cushions. "This just proves what WOW is all about and why it's so important. One sister connecting with another sister, and that sister connecting, and so on. " I slanted Eve a look.

I'd take mixing Bloody Marys over the chance of getting asked to stand in front of the class and help Jim any day. I didn't wait around long enough for him to change his mind. I hurried over to 53 Kegan's workstation, and he welcomed me with a cautious smile. He was dressed in the same wrinkled khakis and a navy sweater that had a hole in one elbow. His dark hair had been trimmed since last I'd seen him. "This is perfect," he said. " It's not like I missed Brad or anything, but since I'd screwed up the courage to talk to him about his past and his dirty dealings with the Weasel bashers, I was anxious to get it over with.

He opened the door, and once again, the wave of noise rose up and slapped me. I stepped over the threshold and straight into chaos. There was a little girl jumping on the couch, and another little girl (a year or so older than the first), kicking a ball from the living room into the dining room. There were girls on the stairs, too, jockeying for position, elbowing each other and shrieking like little banshees as they fought to see who could make it to the front of the pack to get the first look at me.

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