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By Howard Engel

Benny Cooperman is a detective with aptitude. This kinder, gentler detective-funny, shrewdpermanent and squeamish approximately violence-is the production of grasp of the style Howard Engel, whose enthusiastic lovers comprise Ruth Rendell, Donald E. Westlake, Julian Symons, and Tony Hillerman. His readers stretch now to 13 nations, from his local Canada to Japan, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, and the U.S.. In his most up-to-date case, Benny Cooperman is bound that poisonous waste isn't really whatever you'll want to spend an excessive amount of time considering about-it seriously isn't strong on your psychological overall healthiness. but if Jack Dowden's widow appeals to Benny to enquire the dying of her truck-driving husband, our favourite gumshoe reveals himself as much as his egg salad-stained lapels within the lethal dust of Kinross Disposals. As he finds clues-and PCBs-the physique count number rises, and Benny Cooperman does every little thing he can't to finish up lifeless and buried.

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Q. Do you have a regular association with Kinross? A. Primarily I’m in private practice here in the city, but I also have a part-time association with Kinross, where I act as a trouble-shooter for the company in the whole area of ecological concerns. I’m gravely involved in the issue of disposal of toxic wastes. I’ve been called an expert in the field, although I make no such claim myself. Some say I’m an apologist for the company. That is nonsense, of course. I also attend to the full range of medical matters involving the workmen during my visits to the yard.

TWO Dr. Gary Carswell was not answering his telephone. I got a worn-out recorded message on his answering machine that was no asset to his practice. Even the beep at the end sounded like a badly administered hypodermic needle surprising a tenor in the rear. I left a message. When Irma Dowden had left my office, I started wondering how badly I needed her money. There was something about what she’d told me that didn’t ring like my mother’s crystal wine glasses. I couldn’t put my finger on it, and hiked down James Street to the library.

The puffy, dissipated face I’d been holding onto over the years had been replaced by sharply sculpted features with cheekbones and everything. The crowsfeet in the corners of her eyes made them look wiser than her years. I figured that she must be crowding forty by now. She was in the pink and had all the confidence that comes from knowing it. Her figure was still full, but now seemed as though she’d grown into it. She’d also learned a thing or two about clothes since I saw her last. She used to dress like a medicine-show wagon.

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