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The flowability of powders is a surface-related property and is, therefore, controlled by the powder surface composition. Of special importance is the surface fat which renders the surface of fat-containing powders sticky and causes the particles to adhere to one another thus decreasing the flowability of the powder. , 2005). Kim et al. (2005) have concluded that the surface fat content rather than free-fat and total fat content correlates best with flowability. The fact that high surface fat coverage is responsible for poor flowability of powders was clearly demonstrated when flowability was significantly increased by removal of the fat from the surface with petroleum ether.

2005), FSANZ (2006), Walstra et al. (2006), Millqvist-Fureby & Smith (2007) and Sinha et al. (2007). 100% 80% Minerals/ash 60% Carbohydrate Protein 40% Fat 20% W P W PC 35 W PC 50 W PC 80 W PI W M P SM Ca P se in Ca R se in A M PC 42 M PC 70 M PC 85 0% Fig. 1 Proximate composition of major milk-derived powders. WMP = whole milk powder; SMP = skimmed milk powder; MPC = milk protein concentrate; WP = whey powder; WPC = whey protein concentrate; WPI = whey protein isolate; numbers following abbreviations denote approximate protein percentages.

25 39 57 5 Powders WPC Shrestha et al. (2007) WMP = whole milk powder; SMP = skimmed milk powder; CP = cream powder; WPC = whey protein concentrates. a b Assuming that dairy powders are composed of three main components, namely, lactose, protein and fat. Based on data from X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) or electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA). 14 Chapter 1 surface sites and competes less favourably for the interface than the untreated protein. Thus the powder surface coverage of protein decreases with increasing degree of protein denaturation before the emulsification.

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