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140 PC'M reduction of, ES:12, 74-76. SO. 110 Bit regrouping coding, D:4. 206 strategies, one-and two-climcnsion;il. 11:4. 207 Bit-reversal, ES:IO, 102- 193, 196-107, 203 Bitter p t t c r n technique, nlagnctic niicrostructure, E:OX, 328-320 BIV, . sl, E:0 I , 05 00, '1s- 102 Rivicon camera, D:2, 1 76- 17s BJTs. , ES:IO. 25, 30 Black paper, ES:4, I56 Blilia, A,, in history o f electron microscope, ES: 16. 04-06 Rlakc, ES:14. , ES:IO. 241. 261 13lind tlcconvolution. E:03. , ES:I I. 140 Bljutnin. ES:IJ, 81 Blob encoding, hilcvcl image rcl)i-esent~rtion and, D:4, 204, 209 Bloch condition, E80.

22 Rol, I<.. ES:1(1. h3-204 BolcLaleli. ES:I4. 31 Boltsmann niodels I 1 climensional wlutionh. ES: l c l , + 4s1-101 3 independent NI. ES:lO. 4S3-4SO 4 indcpendcnt Ni. ES:IO, 4So-ISS iiieiiii ircc path going to zero. ES:IO. 41;s physical interprc1;ition. q-pl:iiiai- shock w;ivc\. ES:10. 49 I Boltzlnann entropy. E:(IO, 125. I S 6 Uoltzniann cqu;itioii. ES: 13A. 100; ES:22. 70 lranhport. ES:21. E:07. 150- 15 I. 53 B o l t r m a i i n ' s conslant. ES:17. 10: ES:21. -11; ES:23. 12 Boltzniann tr;insport cqiution.

226-227 composite target method for, ES:6, 185-190 composition of, ES:6, 33 ciyo-techniques, E:83, 253-256 detectors, E:83, 133, 206, 233-226 and electrostatic charging, M:13. 225-226 energy distribution in, ES:6, 178 experimental techniques with, ES:O, 181- 190 grid method for, ES:6, 182- I85 images of, E93, 231; ES:6, 194-195 low beam voltage, E:83, 225-226, 238, 253 in low-voltage inspection, M:13, 127 in magnetic field, ES:O, 301, 305, 308 Monte Carlo, electron scattering siniulations, E 8 3 , 218-219 peripheral current and, ES:O, 186-187 quantitative analysis of, EM), 190- 195 radiation damage, E:83, 253-254 resolution, E:83, 238, 253 scanning images in, ES:6, 192- 195 specimen current images and, ES:6, 30-38 suppression, E83, 236 tiiiiversal code for, ES:6, 180 yields in, ES:6.

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