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Boobs. knockers. Hooters. titties. Jugs. Breasts. We rejoice them; we revile them. They nourish us; they kill us. And despite what we name them, breasts have involved us on account that prehistoric instances. This A-to-Z encyclopedia explores the historic importance and cultural value of the breast over the years and round the world.

A workforce of overseas students from a variety of disciplines offers key insights and knowledge in regards to the breast in paintings, historical past, type, social activities, drugs, sexuality, and extra. Entries talk about depictions of breasts on historical collectible figurines, in Renaissance work, and in present-day ads. They learn how style has emphasised or de-emphasized the breast at a variety of instances. They take on clinical issues—such as breast augmentation and breast cancer—and controversies over breastfeeding. The breast as sexual item or even a domain of smuggling also are lined. As a complete, the Cultural Encyclopedia of the Breast takes a fascinating and available examine this remarkable physique half.

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