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By John Bowen, Roger Petersen

Best anthropologists and political scientists are introduced jointly during this quantity to discuss the matter of comparability, taking on a number of issues from nationalist violence and hard work moves to ritual types and non secular practices. The members criticize traditional types of comparative process, and introduce new comparative innovations, starting from summary version construction to ethnographically established tools. They signify a large choice of theoretical positions, from rational selection idea to interpretivism, and the problems are clarified within the reduce and thrust of discussion.

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To his horror, Zulaika himself felt pulled by those same forces to seek admission into ETA. While Zulaika spurns the task of providing a social ``cause'' for this appeal to join ETA in rural Basque Country, he provides a cultural context. For example, he analyzes the symbolic meanings of the words ``yes'' and ``no'' in the Basque language and in Basque literature and ®nds that they have sharp and uncrossable boundaries. This cultural feature inter alia sustains a politics in which unyielding opposition seems normal and moral.

Argue that it is the salience of the relevant cleavage rather than the degree of cross-cuttingness that explains the level of violence. Whether they are correct or not, their data deal a blow to standard cleavage theory. 3. Symbolic power of cultural institutions. A high percentage of Catalans, through the use of the Catalan language, are militantly regionalist. The percentage of Basques who are monolingual Spanish speakers is far higher. If the omnipresence of a cultural institution such as language facilitates collective action, we should expect Catalan nationalism to be far more militant than that of the Basques.

The comparative method The comparative method employed in this chapter helps to undermine the cogency of formulations that ®nd the taproots of nationalist violence in capitalism, modernization breakdowns, postcolonialism, poverty, relative deprivation or status inferiority. It does so by systematically seeking variation in outcomes (the dependent variable) when the putative cause (the independent variable) is present in all cases. If colonialism is associated with violence in Algeria but peace in Tunisia, the comparative method instructs us to look elsewhere for causes of Algerian violence.

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