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By Bettina Fischer-Starcke

"Corpus Linguistics and The examine of Literature" presents a theoretical creation to corpus stylistics and likewise demonstrates its software via providing corpus stylistic analyses of literary texts and corpora. the 1st a part of the booklet addresses theoretical concerns akin to the connection among subjectivity and objectivity in corpus linguistic analyses, standards for the assessment of effects from corpus linguistic analyses and in addition discusses devices of which means in language. the second one a part of the e-book takes this idea and applies it to "Northanger Abbey" by way of Jane Austen and to 2 corpora including: Austen's six novels; and texts which are modern with Austen. The analyses display the effect of varied good points of textual content on literary meanings and the way corpus instruments can extract new severe angles. This e-book should be a key learn for top point undergraduates and postgraduates operating in corpus linguistics and in stylistics on linguistics and language experiences classes. The editorial board contains: Paul Baker (Lancaster), Frantisek Cermak (Prague), Susan Conrad (Portland), Geoffrey Leech (Lancaster), Dominique Maingueneau (Paris XII), Christian Mair (Freiburg), Alan Partington (Bologna), Elena Tognini-Bonelli (Siena and TWC), Ruth Wodak (Lancaster), and Feng Zhiwei (Beijing). "The Corpus and Discourse" sequence includes strands. the 1st, "Research in Corpus and Discourse", positive aspects leading edge contributions to numerous elements of corpus linguistics and quite a lot of purposes, from language expertise through the educating of a moment language to a heritage of mentalities. the second one strand, "Studies in Corpus and Discourse", is made out of key texts bridging the distance among social experiences and linguistics. even if both academically rigorous, this strand should be aimed toward a much broader viewers of lecturers and postgraduate scholars operating in either disciplines.

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These four approaches focus on the system, the text, the intertext and the recipient of a message and his/her cognition. Literary studies see meaning within a text and they interpret intertextual references as part of the text. The notion that meaning is inherent in the language system is the one postulated by Saussure (1916). As described above, he calls langue the primary object of linguistic research. Perceiving the text as the unit of meaning is Halliday’s (1985) position and that of systemic-functional linguistics.

In stylistics, this is of particular interest for identifying and describing an author’s or a character’s idiolect. Since Jakobson’s statement (1958) which emphasised the importance of the syntagmatic axis in an analysis, stylistics in the structuralist tradition has moved away from the first characterization of style, that is, style as choice. The other three approaches are still widely held in stylistics, especially in corpus stylistics. This is demonstrated both in this chapter and in the analyses in Chapters 5 to 7.

In addition, copyright regulations limit the number of texts available for corpus stylistic analyses as they forbid storing entire works in electronic form for 70 years after their author’s death. Only those texts that do not fall under the copyright or for which permission has been given can be stored and analysed electronically. This means that recently published texts are usually not available for corpus linguistic research. This is one of the reasons for preferring older works in corpus stylistics to more recent ones (cf.

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