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Companies that fall in this category not only assume that concern for the environment is a passing phase and that their impact on the environment is negligible, but also assume that their competitors feel the same and hence do nothing to conserve the environment. Then there are the ‘laggards’, companies that are aware of the environmental challenges facing them, but are unable to combat those challenges because of cost constraints, lack of trained manpower, lack of knowledge etc. The third group consists of the ‘thinkers’, companies that know that something should be done, but are still waiting for others to show the way forward.

Integration of environmental considerations into other Community policies (all EU policies are now required to take the environment into account). The Internal Market Programme has added a new note of urgency to environmental problems. The relationship between economic growth and the environment has returned to centre stage. Clearly, there exists a major opportunity with industrial and legislative restructuring to put into place the appropriate financial and regulatory mechanisms that would make the internal market environmentally sustainable.

Where possible checklists, explanatory diagrams and summary charts have been provided to make the book accessible and useful. While we have not been uncritical about many of the developments in the field of corporate environmental management, it is intended that this book will be helpful to both students of the subject and practitioners in the field. The book is divided into three (unequal) parts. The first part (Chapters 1 and 2) examines the general context of environmental management by considering the main drivers towards environmentalism and links between strategic management, competitiveness and environmental performance.

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