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This learn offers an method of metaphor that systematically takes contextual elements into consideration. It analyses how metaphors either depend upon, and alter, the context within which they're uttered, and in particular, how metaphorical interpretation comprises the articulation of asserted, implied and presupposed fabric. It supplementations this semantic research with a practice-based account of metaphor on the conceptual point, which stresses the function of sociocultural elements in inspiration formation.

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1 Levin (1982: 27), too, notes that novelty 'is not an overriding consideration' for Aristotle. 2 One source of this general attribution of a referentialist view to Aristotle may be the fact that many authors use By water's (1909) translation of the Poetics, which erroneously translates onomatos allotriou epifora as 'giving the thing a name that belongs to something else'. The phrases in italics do not appear in the Greek original. Bickerton (1969: 50n) already noted that Bywater 'smuggles into [the translation] several illegitimate suppositions about the nature of language...

For Aristotle, the main virtue of oratory prose is clarity or perspicuity, because its purpose is convincing the audience; for this reason, he considers it best to speak with a somewhat exotic or 'foreign' air, while at the same time hiding the artifice (ποιησις). This effect can be created by the use of words that are either current, familiar or metaphorical. , by its loftiness and deliberate 'artificiality'. 1 From this discussion it also appears that prepon, 'proper', is a property of style, not of language, and thus cannot serve as an equivalent of 'literal'.

Kurion and oikeion) language. ). 2 This suggests that metaphors do not just involve similarity, but can actually conjure up images,which is a rather stronger claim than a referentialist would make. Elsewhere, Aristotle says that metaphors put things before our eyes if they signify them as actual (141 Ib26). But what does this claim amount to? Space permits no discussion of Aristotle's metaphysical notion of actuality, but in any case it remains open what he means here by 'signifying actuality'.

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