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By Kurt Burch, Robert Allen Denemark

Overseas political economic system is either a self-discipline and a collection of worldwide practices and prerequisites. This quantity explores how the 2 are comparable, illustrating the altering personality of the worldwide political economic system, in addition to altering views on that personality.

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Interview with John Birch Society officials, October 31, 1995, who described JBS members as drawn from the ranks of businessmen, doctors, dentists, and police officers. This is generally corroborated by the findings in Kraft (1992), a study based on the 1987 membership mailing list of the JBS obtained by Political Research Associates. 16. The wording I am quoting is from two pamphlets: "Liberty Lobby . . " On producers versus parasites, see L. Campbell (1992) and Berlet (1995). On the Lobby's "populism" more generally, see Diamond (1995:140152, 261-262).

Realists territorialize "sameness" and "otherness" as matters of political sovereignty. " When confronted by the contradictions of globalization, realists hold to "core" concepts: the sovereign state, (state) power, anarchy, and national (thereby global) security. Realists "territorialize" new "transnational" or "globalized" challenges to state authority and primacy. The 1990s . . demand a redefinition of what constitutes national security. S. economy was no longer the independent force it had once been, but was powerfully affected by economic policies in dozens of other countries.

Replete with rules but lacking a formal apparatus of rule, the society of states as agents is nevertheless ruled. Rules in different categories yield different forms of rule. Where  < previous page < previous page page_15 page_150 next page > next page > Page 150 However, contemporary modernization makes the possibilities for "getting a grip on the modern world and making ourselves at home in it" almost impossible. The mythology of the "modern individual" is the seductive side of a process that makes it increasingly difficult for those who aspire to be ''us" to achieve it.

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