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By Andrzej Zuczkowski, Ramona Bongelli, Ilaria Riccioni, Carla Canestrari

This quantity is a set of 18 papers at the communique of walk in the park and uncertainty. the 1st half introduces contemporary theoretical advancements and basic versions at the subject and its family members with modality, subjectivity, inter-subjectivity, epistemicity, evidentiality, hedging, mitigation and speech acts. within the moment half, effects from empirical reports in clinical and supportive contexts are offered, all of that are in line with a conversational research process. those papers record on specialist dialogues together with suggestion giving in gynecological consultations, breaking diagnostic undesirable information to sufferers, emergency calls, habit healing group conferences and bureaucratic-institutional interactions. the ultimate half issues the qualitative and quantitative research of corpora, addressing medical writing (both study and well known articles) and educational conversation in English, German, Spanish and Romanian. the gathering is addressed to students interested by the topical matters from a theoretical and analytical point of view and to wellbeing and fitness pros drawn to the sensible implications of speaking simple task or uncertainty.

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E. 10 There are, however, clear limits to the kinds of semantic dimensions that can be covered by such an independent subjectivizer. 11 (9b) and (9c) are simply semantically unacceptable. And in (9d) the prepositional phrase may, marginally, allow a reading as a spatial direction marker (‘towards me’), but reading it as a marker of subjectivity appears very difficult. (9) a. â•›*I think it is 9 o’clock [with think meaning ‘in my view’] b. *Ik vind dat hij in Frankrijk is I find that he in France is ‘In my opinion he is in France’ c.

As in (8c). And in English, the prepositional phrase to me is also often used as a subjectivity marker, as illustrated in (8d) and (8e). (8) a. I think we should help him, he deserves it b. ╇ Subjectivity in modality, and beyond c. Dat is, vind ik, niet erg verstandig van je that is, find I, not very clever of you ‘I don’t think that’s very clever of you’ d. Sounds like a stupid question to me e. To me you are really driving too fast In each of these cases, the subjectivity marker then concerns a semantic element expressed elsewhere in the utterance.

According to its promoter, Davide Vannoni, the Stamina method is a stem-cell treatment which is supposed to turn mesenchymal stem cells, known to be used to generate bones and adipose tissue, into neural cells. According to its supporters, when these neural cells have been infused in patients, mostly children, with various neurodegenerative diseases, in the space of a few weeks significant improvements have been observed in these patients’ condition. While Stamina supporters, headed by Davide Vannoni, on the basis of this (questionable) evidence, claim categorically that the method is a very effective 43 44 Paolo Labinaz and Marina Sbisà and safe therapy for neurodegenerative diseases, the Italian scientific community, supported by some international scientific associations and the scientific journal Nature, has claimed that without any scientific control it is unsafe to administer unknown therapies to patients.

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