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By R. Turner, Chris Hatton, Roger Blackwood

An organization favorite of clinical scholars and junior medical professionals, Lecture Notes on medical abilities covers the basic ideas and methods of background taking and exam, and gives suggestions at the key specialist talents enthusiastic about constructing and protecting reliable verbal exchange among health professional and sufferer. This new fourth version has been revised to supply updated details on approaches and a better emphasis at the patient-centred process. first-class medical talents are very important for all scientific scholars and medical professionals. This pocket-sized quickly reference consultant indicates you the way to take an entire heritage; the right way to study a sufferer completely; how one can request the main applicable investigations; and the way to place all of this jointly and are available to a analysis.

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Clubbing Congenital. – splinter haemorrhages — occur in infectious endocarditis but are more common in people doing manual work – pitting — psoriasis Splinter – onycholysis — separation of nail from nail bed haemorrhages psoriasis, thyrotoxicosis – paronychia — pustule in lateral nail fold Palms: – erythema — can be normal, also occurs with chronic liver disease, pregnancy – Dupuytren’s contracture (Plate 4c) — tethering of skin in palm to flexor tendon of fourth finger Joints: – symmetrical swellings occur in rheumatoid arthritis (Plate 2e) – asymmetrical swellings occur in gout (Plate 2f) and osteoarthritis Skin 29 Skin Inspection of skin – distribution of any lesions from end of bed – examine close up with palpation of skin – remember mucous membranes, hair and nails ° –Colour: pigmented apart from racial pigmentation or suntan — examine buccal mucosa – if appears jaundiced — examine sclerae – if pale — examine conjunctivae for anaemia texture: ° –Skin?

Can be confluent. Usually on hands and feet: drug reactions 32 Chapter 2: General Examination viral infections no apparent cause Stevens–Johnson syndrome — with mucosal desquamation involving genitalia, mouth and conjunctivae, with fever. Erythema nodosum Tender, localized, red, diffusely raised, (Plate 3f) 2–4 cm nodules in anterior shins. g. When involving the nails, they become thickened with loss of compact structure. g. lips, buttocks. Impetigo Spreading pustules and yellow crusts from staphylococcal infection.

Tumour accelerated hypertension optic neuritis, acute stage – glaucoma — enlarged cup, diminished rim – new vessels — new fronds of vessels coming forward from disc; ischaemic diabetic retinopathy Look at arteries – arteries narrowed in hypertension, with increased light reflex along top of vessel Hypertension grading: 1 narrow arteries 2 ‘nipping’ (narrowing of veins by arteries) 3 flame-shaped haemorrhages and cotton-wool spots 4 papilloedema. g. chloroquine tigroid or tabby fundus: normal variant in choroid beneath retina peripheral new vessels ischaemic diabetic retinopathy retinal vein occlusion medullated nerve fibres — normal variant, areas of white nerves radiating from optic disc Examine for palpable lymph nodes neck: ° –In the above clavicle (posterior triangle) – medial to sternomastoid area (anterior triangle) – submandibular (can palpate submandibular gland) – occipital ° ° ° These glands are best felt by sitting the patient up and examining from behind.

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