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By Peter F. Lawrence, Christine E. Gazak (auth.), Jeffrey L. Ballard MD, FACS, John J. Bergan MD FACS (eds.)

Chronic venous insufficiency, manifesting as disabling open leg ulcers, lipodermatosclerosis and serious cutaneous hyperpigmentation is believed to impact 5 percentage of the inhabitants over age eighty and an important percentage, most likely more than one percentage, of Western populations less than age sixty five. to this point little has been recognized approximately tips to deal with this situation cost-effectively past supportive and palliative care. hence, an important characteristic of ChronicVenous Insufficiency is that it describes the interventions which markedly ameliorate, and in certain cases healing, the . The authoritative textual content has been skilfully illustrated to teach how new tools of endovascular and endoscopic interventions should be built-in with radiologic ideas to right absolutely the abnormalities which produce continual venous insufficiency. Taken as an entire this quantity will allow basic surgeons, vascular surgeons, dermatologists and interventional radiologists to regard a situation that used to be, until eventually lately, considered untreatable.

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30 These perforating veins connect the posterior arch vein or other tributaries of the greater saphenous vein with the posterior tibial veins (Fig. 6). In the proximal part of the medial leg, direct perforating veins are paratibially located usually within 1 em of the tibia. Paratibial direct perforators located 1B-22 em proximal to the medial malleolus were originally described as "24 cm perforators" because of their usual distance from the sole. 25 Two other groups of paratibial perforators are located at 23-27 and 2B-32 em from the medial malleolus (Fig.

Few veins of the human body have more variability in their topographic anatomy than the superficial lower extremity veins. The venous drainage of the foot developed to meet specific requirements of ambulation. The dorsal and plantar superficial venous networks communicate extensively with each other and with the corresponding deep pedal plexuses. Superficial veins of the sole form an anastomosing network, which is particularly rich in small communicating tributaries at the heel and over the metatarsophalangeal joints.

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