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Haines 76 Barbados, Robert B. Potter and Graham M. S. Dann 77 East Germany, Ian Wallace 78 Mozambique, Colin Darch 79 Libya, Richard I. Lawless 80 Sweden, Leland B. Sather and Alan Swanson 81 Iran, Reza Navabpour 82 Dominica, Robert A. Myers 83 Denmark, Kenneth E. Miller 84 Paraguay, R. Andrew Nickson 85 Indian Ocean, Julia J. Gotthold with the assistance of Donald W. Gotthold 86 Egypt, Ragai, N. Makar 87 Gibraltar, Graham J. Shields 88 The Netherlands, Peter King and Michael Wintle 89 Bolivia, Gertrude M.

Mao Zedong and his cohort of leaders developed the Party on a basis of village reform, military organization and anti-Japanese mobilization, convincing many Chinese that their Revolution was necessary to liberate China from the twin evils of Imperialism and Feudalism. After the foundation of the People's Republic in 1949, the leaders of the Revolution enjoyed substantial support, and aligned China with the Soviet Union, as they debated which strategy would lead to a prosperous, stable and democratic nation.

However, until recently, most writing about China in English (although not in other languages) used the Wade-Giles romanization, which was invented more than a century ago to transcribe all world languages, but used in the end only for Chinese. Neither pinyin nor Wade-Giles is used accurately in most publications. As if two duelling, inconstant romanization systems were not enough, geographical names are widely known in still a third system, one created by the Postal Service in the 19th century.

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