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By Anne Emery

Whilst Beau Delaney, the Halifax hotshot whose exploits are the topic of a brand new Hollywood movie, is charged with the homicide of his spouse Peggy, it’s attorney and bluesman Monty Collins who takes the case. but if Beau’s relations dynamics and the looks of a mysterious child alert Monty that his purchaser is keeping secrets and techniques, others take part to assist maintain Beau from a lifestyles in criminal. Monty’s buddy, Father Brennan Burke, has a hand within the research, as does Monty’s estranged spouse, Maura. observing all this is often Normie, Monty and Maura’s daughter, who has the present of moment sight. while she begins having visions that contain Beau, she can’t inform whether or not they replicate anything he’s performed within the past—or anything he may possibly do sooner or later. It then turns into transparent that Normie and Monty needs to depend upon one another to find the reality approximately Peggy’s loss of life.

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