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By Yasuo Arai (auth.)

Chemistry of Powder Production specializes in the solid-state chemistry of powder fabrics and relates this to the constitution, houses and training, and characterization options for those vital commercial items. also, the homes of the debris are mentioned on the subject of their floor constitution and features. This publication describes the basics of statistical tools for measuring the features of debris. New complex fabrics being built in powder expertise production ideas also are emphasized, together with powdered fabrics for complex ceramics in addition to magnetic and pigment materials.

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58, 165 (1985). References 23 [15] Y. Toda, K. Hashimoto and Y. Arai, J. Colour Mater. Soc. , 53, 505 (1980). [16] S. Nobuoka, J. Colour Mater. Soc. , 55, 763 (1982). [17] Y. Toda, K. Hashimoto, K. Hashimoto and Y. Arai, Gypsum Lime, 206, 11 (1987). 3 Powder fundamentals A powder is an assembly of fine solid particles. It has, therefore, in general a very large surface area per unit weight (specific surface area) and a high surface energy resulting from numerous lattice defects existing on the surface.

4) decreases, with increasing surface area and increasing amount of irregularities on the surface of the particles. From a rough calculation it is known that the thermodynamic values of ultra-fine particles less than 111m in size differ considerably from those of the bulk crystal because the influence of the surface energy is not negligible compared with the bonding energy of the interior. 55 x 10 Source: K. Kamiya and S. 3. Calcite (CaC0 3) possesses an ionic rhombohedral lattice in which Ca2+ and CO/- are closely packed in the ratio 1: 1.

The surface area used for this purpose is as large as 100 m2 g-l for active carbon and 300800m2 g-l for silica gel or alumina gel in general. C, Si02 and Al 20 3 are well known as components that make very stable structures by strong three-dimensional trivalent or tetravalent bonds. However, if these strong bonds are broken and exposed on the fresh surface of these compounds, a great many atoms or molecules must be strongly attracted to the fresh surface from the surroundings. 3Q) E :J g "0 -eo Q) ~ « 50 OL-----~----~~~~~----7.

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