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Thermal shock resistance Some kind of thermal shock loading is inevitable during service of FMs. In addition, most FMs have anisotropic thermal-expansion coefficients due to their unique architectures. In 2004, Koh and co-workers investigated the thermal shock resistance of Si3N4/BN FMs [29]. They observed their excellent thermal shock resistance by measuring the retention of the flexural strength after thermal shock test, as shown in Fig. 17. 16 (a) Flexural strength and (b) work-of-fracture of the Si3N4/BN FM sample as a function of the exposure temperature (adapted from ref.

59, 17– 28. C. (2000), ‘Powder processing, rheology, and mechanical properties of feedstock for fused deposition of Si3N4 ceramics’, J. Am. Ceram. , 83(7) 1663–1669. 1 Introduction Silicon nitride as a monolithic ceramic has earned a place in the inventory of commercial high-performance ceramics with excellent performance in applications such as ball bearings, seals, cam followers, and molten metal handling. However, like most other monolithic advanced ceramics, Si3N4 has suffered from an inherent brittleness which limits its application where some toughness or impact resistance is required.

However, if the interfacial fracture resistance is too high, crack kinking will reduce the delamination area. This observation suggests that there is an optimum interfacial fracture resistance that maximizes the energy-absorption capability, and this optimum value is determined by the transition from delamination and crack kinking. 2 21 High-temperature properties Elevated temperature mechanical properties Since Si3N4/BN FMs are candidates for high-temperature applications, for instance in gas turbine engines, the failure behavior of FMs at various elevated temperatures must be understood.

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