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By Anne Emery

Lawyer and bluesman Monty Collins is used to protecting murderers—and sometimes investigating murders himself—but he is by no means arise opposed to whatever just like the case of Reinhold Schellenberg, a world-renowned German theologian who has been stumbled on useless at the altar of an previous church in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Saint Cecilia's day. The debatable priest, as soon as a best insider within the Vatican, was once recognized to impress robust emotions in Catholics of all ideological stripes, and now these emotions have overflowed with frightening effects. no less than Monty understands the place to appear for clues; his pal Father Brennan Burke has simply opened a choir institution on the church, and the scholars supply a world solid of suspects—including a flamboyant Sicilian priest, an eccentric English monk, a disgruntled American, a Vatican enforcer, a church woman with a background of violence, and, so much complicated of all, a police officer from the previous East Berlin.

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I explained that I was the lawyer for the Schola Cantorum Sancta Bernadetta, and that I was doing a bit of investigating on the schola’s behalf. “But they got the person! ” “Well, there was what I call an irresponsible pet owner on the loose at Seaview Park that day. He had two Rottweilers, lovely dogs if they’d been properly brought up — I don’t fault the dogs — but they came bounding after Dewey. I thought they were going to have him for lunch. This was the second day in a row they were there.

The expression on his face was all the answer I required. ” Maura inquired. ” “Oh, yeah? ” “Oh, God,” she muttered. “Our church is at the end of Main Street, well, quite far out of the village really. But I see the local people frequently. I buy my provisions in the general store. They regard me with suspicious eyes there; they peer at me from the gun shop across the street. I am always made to feel like a stranger in the town. I did some work restoring the church, a small white wooden chapel. Charming in its own way.

I never met him. ” “Okay. ” “Fred Mills is a young priest who is a former student of Brennan’s, when Brennan taught in the seminary. ” “Fred Mills wouldn’t kill a spider if it was advancing on his mother’s handbag,” Brennan avowed. “Good. ” “A priest who left to marry. ” “I don’t know anything about him, except that he’s the one the police say was having a wee drop to drink at the crucial time. His nephew vouched for him. Petrucci is not a priest. ” Brennan insisted. ” Michael said. “Well, I shouldn’t assume.

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