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By Esteban Céspedes

This paintings explains how diversified theories of causation confront causal overdetermination. Chapters make clear the matter of overdetermination and discover its basic elements. it really is argued conception of causation can account for our intuitions in overdetermination instances in basic terms through accepting that the adequacy of our claims approximately causation will depend on the context within which they're evaluated.The writer proposes arguments for causal contextualism and gives perception that's necessary for solution of the problem.

those chapters allow readers to speedy take in diversified views on overdetermination and significant theories of causation, as a result it's a paintings that might have a extensive attraction.

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30 2 The Ranking-Theoretic Account of Causation These different concepts of a reason will be applied to some difficult cases of causation. As we will see, the notion of a supererogatory reason will be particularly helpful in cases of overdetermination. 2 Direct Causation The ranking-theoretic account of causation considers propositions as causal relata. Based on the concept of a reason, we can define the concept of a direct cause as follows (Spohn 2012, p. 356). Definition. Proposition C is a direct cause of E if the following conditions hold: (i) C and E are true.

Or a variable may vary over a set of possibilities as its state space and take values accordingly. For example, my (present) size is a variable in this sense and actually takes the value 6′ 0″, though it takes other values in other possibilities; I might (presently) have a different size. I call this a singular variable representing the possibility range of a given single case. (Spohn 2010, p. 513) As Spohn argues, an important difference between generic and singular variables depends on the domain over which these range.

Therefore, I shall not even open this unending field of comparison regarding the two theories at hand. (Spohn 2010, p. 512) I have already considered the most difficult overdetermination cases in the light of both theories and both deliver prima facie plausible results. However, as Spohn says, this is an unending field of comparison. We will not study it in further depth. 2 Applicability. Another important point of comparison is the applicability of both theories to scientific practice. Regarding this, the theory of causal models seems to have an advantage over the ranking-theoretic approach (RT): Structural modeling is something many scientists really do, whereas ranking theory is unknown in the sciences and it may be hard to say why it should be known outside epistemology.

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