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By Ian Scott-Kilvert

Volumes 1-8 and supplementations 1-4. entire

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Smithers, 1957). Upon all reason. 20 GEOFFREY CHAUCER Whan that they wolden any Flemyng kille, As thilke day was maad upon the fox. (The Nun's Priest's Tale) I saw his sweet face as it were dry and bloodless with pale dying. And later, more pale, dead, languoring; and then turned more dead unto blue: and then more brown-blue, as the flesh turned more deeply dead. For his Passion shewed to me most specially in his blessed face, and chiefly in his lips: there I saw these four colours, though it were afore fresh, ruddy, and liking, to my sight.

Piers Plowman: Prologue and Passus I—Vll of the B Text (Oxford, 1972), with commentary and glossary. G. Kane and E. T. , Piers Plowman: The "B" Version (1975), text with variant readings, also important textual introduction; A facsimile ed. is The Vision of Pierce Plowman 1550 (1976). II. BIBLIOGRAPHY. J. E. Wells, A Manual of the Writings in Middle English 1050-1400 (New Haven, 1916)—ninth and last supp. , 1967-); see also eds. by Wilcockson, Salter and Pearsall, Bennett; studies by Donaldson (to 1949), Saito, Aers; and the relevant section of The Year's Work in English Studies (1901-).

1340-1400) TVeri/I Coghill A shilling life will give you all the facts. W. H. Auden poet; Langland was before him. But he was the first English poet in the high culture of Europe, then breaking out all over England in a glorious profusion of creative power. There are moments in the lives of nations when they declare their genius: the life of Geoffrey Chaucer fell in the middle of the first such moment in England. In every art then known, and in some now lost—in architecture, sculpture, carving, and stained glass; in the work of goldsmiths and armorers and the makers of robes for ceremonial and daily use; in manuscript illumination, painting and portraiture, music and dancing— sudden perfections were being achieved all over England.

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